Here comes the pool! Sunnyside VIllage’s pool and poolhouse are currently under construction. The poolhouse has bathrooms and an area to gather and relax. Stay tuned for more information as things progress

A community pool offers a range of benefits including relaxation, exercise, social interaction, a place to excape the summer heat, and community events.

Our community pool and poolhouseare valuable additions to our neighborhood. They offer:

1. Recreation and Wellness – A pool provides a space for residents to relax and/or exercise.

2. Social Hub –  It serves as a gathering place for community members to socialize and meet other neighbors.

4. Community Events – The poolhouse can host events and activities that bring residents together and enhance community spirit.

5. Property Values – Access to a pool and poolhouse can increase property values for each Sunnyside owner.

6  Cool Off – A pool offers an opporutnity to enjoy the outdoors while escapoing the heat.


Here is the plan for our fiished product.